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The production line for solid parquet blocks with T&G and lamparquet as well as top layer blocks is based on the prooven SCHROEDER technology for machining solid parquet blocks. For highest dimensional accuracy and surface quality two planers, one for pre-planing and the second one for lengthwise profiling, are connected via an intermediate grading station. The full line consists of 3 production machines and the hopper infeed. The single machines are connected via conveyor belts, these conveyors are also serving as buffers for an improoved material flow. At first the raw sawn and kiln dried battens are placed into the hopper of the infeed system type MA or AB and are fed into the pre-planer VH-3 via a conveyor. With its driven infeed system the pre-planer alignes the blocks against a side guide and then places the single blocks under the upper feed chain. Now the blocks are planed on the bottom and top side, overwidth is removed with a side spindle.

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By planing the blocks on top and bottom all tensions from the kiln drying process are removed. Reduction of overwidth and oversize in thickness enshures the machining quality in the following production steps. By placing the bottom shaft at a 30° degree angle even strongly bended battens can be machined without cutter marks. It is not necessary to cut grooves into the bottom face of the blocks for a grooved machined table, the blocks can be used in full thickness. After pre-planing process an intermediated grading station SV allows the selection for the best face. After turning the blocks again they are fed with best side down into the aligning system of the 4-side parquetry planer PAKE 70 for lengthwise tongue and groove machining. This intermediate grading is not required for Lamparquet or top layer blocks. In the following main planer type PAKE 70 the blocks are planed with utmost precision on bottom and top side as well as profiled lengthwise with tongue and groove.

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The upper chain feed system, since 50 years the main characteristic of SCROEDER parquet machines, and the exactly opposing side spindles guaranty perfect straightness of the parquet blocks. 30° angular planer heads (not for Lamparquet) allow machining even of thin blocks. The final top head determines the thickness of the blocks. Now the blocks are machined lengthwise and have to be cut to length and profiled on the ends. Depending on the application a double cross-cut, tongue and groove machine PAKUE with 5 or 6 spindles is used. With 3 or 4 saw spindles the blocks are cut to length and the tongue and groove profile is scored. Following, the 2 cutter spindles machine the final profile of tongue and groove. By placing the blocks on a fixed machine table an extremely high T & G precision is achieved. Finally the parquet blocks are graded into the different qualities and packed.


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Zuführapparat MA

Infeed units

Hopper feed MA (motor driven feed chain with dogs) For medium and high capacity up to 250 blocks / min. for the production of solid parquet blocks, Lamparquet and top layer blocks. Only for wood lengths of up to 850 mm (1250 mm) 

Detailed information (PDF)

Halbautomatische Zuführung HB

Halbautomatische Zuführung HB

Based on the prooven hopper feed type MA, this system allows to have several workers loading the battens at a time. The battens are placed in stacks of 4 - 6 pieces on a multiple cross-chain transport. From here they are automatically transferred into the vertical hopper feed. This allows high feed speeds of up to 50 m/min. in the following machines even for short blocks of less than 400 mm length.

Pneum. Zuführung AB

Infeed AB + conveyor (pneumatic pusher)

For high flexibility at small and medium capacity (up to 150 blocks / min.) for the production of solid parquet blocks and strips, 2-ply parquet blocks and other pre-machined parquet products (available for wood length up to 2500 mm) (Only in connection with the following conveyor)

PRE-PLANER VH-120 / -170 / -220

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Vorhobel VH-120 Detailansicht 1

Pre-planer VH-120, VH-170 or VH-220 

  • VH-120 - working width 120 mm (max. infeed width)
  • VH-170 - working width 170 mm (max. infeed width)
  • VH-220 - working width 210 mm (max. infeed width)

CE-version with safety hood. 

Detailed informationen (PDF)

Vorhobel VH-120 Detailansicht 2

Planing shafts at 30° angle, for perfect machining also of strongly bended battens without cutter marks

working width / tool length:

086 mm / 100 mm
127 mm / 150 mm
173 mm / 200 mm
216 mm / 250 mm


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Intermediate Grading Station SV (with conveyor B-25)

With the intermediate grading stationt SV behind the pre-planer, up to 30 % of the parquet blocks can be selected into the next higher grade because the selection of the best side for the top face is much easier and faster on a planed surface than from the raw sawn surface. At first the blocks are turned top side up when leaving the pre planer. For the selection of the best face the blocks are fed (slowly) on a cross-feed belt and then turned again, before feeding into the 4-side parquetry planer. The intermediate grading system SV is available in various lengths and widths, depending on max. length of the blocks and average feed speed.

Detailed Information (PDF)

PLANER PAKE 120 / 170 / 220 / 270

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Parketthobel 120

4-side planer for highest requirements and capacities (feed speed up to 50 m/min.) for the production of solid parquet blocks and planks as well as for top layer blocks (for multi-layer parquet), specially designed for short lengths down to 200 mm. Operation completely from front and via PLC-touch panel, incl. large CE safety hood (max. 84 dB/A).

Vorhobel PAKE Detailansicht 2

Exactly opposing side spindles with high precision bearings (with TC-straight cutters or TC-profile cutters) with symmetric and parallel adjustement for machining width and direct linear scales with digital display. 

All tools with hydro clamping / integrated hydr sleeves.

Wood width from 35 mm
(depending on tool / profile) 

up to 120 mm (PAKE 120)
up to 170 mm (PAKE 170)
up to 210 mm (PAKE 220)
up to 270 mm (PAKE 270)

Vorhobel PAKE Detailansicht 3

Top and bottom planer shaft at 30° angle and with high precision spindle bearings for perfect surface quality and to avoid front or rear cutter marks, even with very thin parquet blocks (on request with regular 90° heads for profiling). 

Top planer shaft with pneumatic pressure bars. Specially treated machine table for long endurance and with low friction. Automatic table greasing system standard.

Detailed informationen (PDF)


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Übergabevorrichtung Typ 1

Type 1: 

TV-2 (2 x 90° curve) only for blocks up to 800 mm length With a manual switch for the production of "right" and "left"-hand blocks. After the switch the parquet blocks are transferred via curved slides either directly or in opposite direction into the hopper of the double end tenoner.

Übergabevorrichtung Typ 2

Type 2:

TV-2 (turn-table) even for blocks longer than 800 mm With a manual switch and a turning table to feed the blocks, for the production of "right" and "left"-hand blocks. Parquet blocks longer than 800 mm are directly transferred into the double end tenoner.


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Nut- und Federmaschine PAKUE F Detailansicht 1

Heavy feed chains with needle bearings and guided plates provide top precision. All chain dogs are individually adjustable. Pneumatic belt pressure systems ensure perfect angle accuracy and top precision of the cross-cut angle and of T & G or other profiles. All tool shafts with high precision spindle motors and on request with direct length measuring systems (0,005 mm) in 2 resp. 3 directions. Operation via PLC touch panel.

Nut- und Federmaschine PAKUE F Detailansicht 1

As Double-Cross-Cut with 2 or 4 saw spindles for precise cross-cutting (PAKUE 2 F or PAKUE 4 F) As Double End Tenoner PAKUE 5 F or PAKUE 6 F with 3 or 4 saw spindles (for scoring) and 2 vertical cutter spindles (for profiling). With double precision linear ball bearing slide and double ball screws. Available for strips up to 4500 mm (standard 1200 mm), min. 200 (150) mm.

Nut- und Federmaschine PAKUE F Detailansicht 3

Standard with integrated waste conveyor. Compact spindle setting with standard tool dimensions on hydro sleeves. Combined blowing system for cleaning the feed chains.

Nut- und Federmaschine PAKUE F Detailansicht 3

Optional with: 
- automatic feed speed control,
- automatic hopper control system,
- cross-end inspection with automatic ejector for under-size blocks or additional brush cleaning (for chains),
- additional systems for end-sealing (hydrophobing system)

Innovates Your Parquet Production

Innovates Your Parquet Production

Innovates Your Parquet Production