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Gebr. Schroeder - Das Unternehmen

The company GEBR. SCHROEDER was founded in 1945 by the two brothers Hans and Hubert Schroeder as a small repair shop for all kinds of machines.

The company GEBR. SCHROEDER was founded in 1945 by the two brothers Hans and Hubert Schroeder as a small repair shop for all kinds of machines. In the first few months mainly small machines were repaired, but after half a year the two mechanics had to get some sets of parquet machines ready to run again. Starting from 3 heavily damaged sets of solid block parquet machines, 2 reconditioned sets should be received.

Over the years, the product range increased and they could offer full lines. In the 50s mosaic parquet became very popular and the company developed special machines, later even full lines were established and sold all over Europe.

Beginning of the 60s, the two owners introduced their eldest sons into the company and in the following years the sons took over the business. Since that time the export rate passed 50 % and the company sold their special machines all over the world. Since the retirement of the founders in 1980, Helmut Schroeder (sales & management) and Peter Schroeder (production) represented the company and continued the succesful position in the international parquet machine market. Since 1996 the tradition of the family business is continued with the 3rd generation by Dr. H.B. Schroeder.

At the end of year 2000 Peter Schroeder retired and sold his shares. The company is now fully owned and managed by Helmut and H.B. Schroeder.

By concentrating in parquet machines only, a large number of new features and technical improvements were developed, many of them could be found in other woodworking machines later on. Even economically low periods were survived and the company today presents itself as one of the very few specialists for solid wood flooring parquet machines worldwide.

Highest quality and reliability of the machines were and still are the most important point. Due to this, only machines for the production of solid wood parquet - classical solid blocks with T & G, Lamparquet and Mosaic parquet - were manufactured over years. Only very few machine producers worldwide can state a similar high percentage of all ever produced machines, still in operation.

Since more than 25 years, machines and production lines for 2-ply parquet blocks as well as for 3-layer parquet planks are manufactured and offered. The high requirements regarding quality and reliability could be fullfilled by applying numerous prooven principles, combined with innovative solutions. Today the product range offers a large variety of machines and production lines, many of them are presented on these sites.

Foundation / start of operation as repair shop for everything… on the former barracks site by the 2 brothers Hans and Hubert Schroeder (Gebr. Schroeder = Schroeder Bros.)

Summer 1947
Full reconditioning of 2 solid parquet machine lines from Muenster (made from the "bombed" rest of 3 lines)

Spring 1948
The remaining parts were used to build up a complete 3rd line, this was the first line ever sold.

First order for a new design solid Parquet machine "Parquetry Planer" (PaKe 50 #1) from the company Beermann in Warendorf

First order for a new design Double Cross-Cut, T&G machine (PaKü #1) from the company Zapfendorf (Barvaria)


Legal registration at court under number HRA 1120

Summer 1950
First machine exports to Italy and Switzerland

Move to the new factory site at the Beckumer Str. 30

1952 - 1954
Development and production of the first generation machines for Mosaic Parquet


Entry of the 2nd generation, Helmut Schroeder (son of Hans Schroeder)

1960 - 1961
First machine exports to Thailand, South Afrika and USA

Entry of the 2nd generation, Peter Schroeder (son of Hubert Schroeder)

New development and production start of the Drum Saw type RTS for Mosaic parquet (still available as new machine)

Production and market start of the new design PaKe 70 (the "reference" for all Parquetry planers until today)


Hubert Schroeder dies at the age of 76.

Hans Schroeder dies at the age of 75.


Entry of the 3rd generation, Hans-Bernd Schroeder (son of Helmut / grandson of Hans Schroeder)

LIGNA 1999
Presentation of the first Top layer lamella Splitting saw S-4

Summer 1999
Development of the new generation Double End Tenoners type PAKUE F


Retirement of Peter Schroeder and take-over of his shares by Helmut and H.B. Schroeder

Production start of the new Profiling machine DUO / First Double "slim-chain" machine worldwide
Former partner Peter Schroeder dies at the age of 63.

Autumn 2004
Conversion of all profiling machines to direct spindel motors

Summer 2008
Conversion of all profiling machines to "rolling" feed chain


So far, the company is prepared for the future and parquet machines made by SCHROEDER are standing for quality and reliability as well as for innovation and progress. 

Insoweit für die nächste Zukunft gerüstet, stehen Parkettmaschinen von SCHROEDER nicht nur für Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit, sondern auch für Innovation und Perspektive. 

Innovates Your Parquet Production

Innovates Your Parquet Production

Innovates Your Parquet Production