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Multiblade Grooving-Saw VNS

Bottom saw spindle with multiple v-belt drive and individual shaft bearing, compl. removeable to top. Super smooth feed drive with gear motor and eccentric drive for automatic-infeed or manual loading.

Horizontally moveable top pressure system for fast & direct access to table and saw shaft, pressure system with pneumatically controlled belts, motorized height adjustment to material thickness, motorized saw shaft positioning for groove depth adjustment, automatic hopper for cross- or length infeed, stepped pusher for full throughfeed of the elements, no burning risk for saw blades, saw shaft with up to 80 TC-tpped blades, dep. on version VNS 1200, 1500, 2000 or 2500.

Detailed information (PDF)

Multiblade Grooving-Saw VNS Detail 1

Heavy steel frame with double guiding system for the saw spindle support, pneumatic aligning pusher.

wood-length: max. 1.250 mm (optional up to 2.500 mm)
wood-width: 50 - 250 mm (optional up to 350 mm)
groove depth: 0 - 10 mm (optional up to 20 mm)
feed-speed: 30 - 60 strokes/min. (dep. on max. wood width)
saw blades: e.g. 220 x 1,4 / 1,0 x 80 mm
power: 14 kW (optional up to 40 kW)

Multiblade Grooving-Saw VNS Detail 2
Multiblade Grooving-Saw VNS Detail 3

Innovates Your Parquet Production

Innovates Your Parquet Production

Innovates Your Parquet Production