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Combined planer and Multi-Rip-Saw specially for high capacities and perfect lamella quality. Very heavy, cast iron frame with double chain feed for pre-planing and ripping of wood blocks into baseor core-layer slats (lamellas).

Lateral roller infeed with separate drive for individual machining of wood blocks, one each heavy upper feed chain for planing and ripping, strictly designed for very short wood blocks without pre-cross-cut.

Detailed Information (PDF)

Teaser VHT

Feed speed up to 80 m/min., dep. on spindle power. Planing spindles 11 kW

Optional up to 22 kW

Side spindle 7,5 kW, saw spindle 37 (45) kW, all spindles with inverters and speed coupling (opt.), feed drives 5,5 & 4 kW

Optional up to 11 kW

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Bottom and top planer spindles at 30° angular position, for perfect surface quality and high yield, even with heavily twisted or cupped & bent wood blocks.

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On request with hydro-cutterheads or spiral-planing heads for noise reduction.

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Rip saw feed chain with spike plates (optional with rubber pads) for perfect straight guidance of the slats.

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Feed chain with lift-up at saw spindle (for long slats > 350 mm).

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Innovates Your Parquet Production

Innovates Your Parquet Production

Innovates Your Parquet Production